Saturday, August 15, 2009

disclaimer and apology

It can be dangerous to single people out for recognition. Leading up to my "J" post I was aware that, with my hit-or-miss mid-life memory I would inadvertently leave someone out (which I did). I also knew that to use that post to talk about particular people in my life would open the door for some to wonder about their inclusion in posts, alphabet or no alphabet. The other day when I listed some of the people who inspire me I didn't include my friend Jayne (who is a major inspiration in many ways) and kicked myself for that. The balm for my error was that I knew she would be in the next day's post, and if she felt overlooked (and I'm not saying that she did or suggesting that she might have!), the next post would, I hope, alleviate any sense of feeling slighted.

I don't get myself in a wad stressing over hurt feelings, but I am very much aware of occasions that can lead to that. I've had my feelings hurt plenty of times when I wasn't included in something, inadvertently or by design, so I know how these things go. So let me say here and now to those who read this blog, please don't take it personally if you don't appear in a post, and don't read anything into those occasions when a post might include you, by virtue of its topic, but doesn't. There is no intended slight.

I do, this morning, owe an apology to my friend Jimmy for leaving him out of the Js this week. That list included people with whom I have regular contact (I know plenty more Js!) and with whom I have shared some particularly trying times. Each of them have demonstrated above and beyond friendship in one way or another, and it was through that lens, with help to my addled brain from my cell phone directory, that the J list was generated. Alas, Jimmy isn't in my cell phone (that will be rectified shortly!). Lots of people aren't in my cell phone directory because I'm not a big fan of cell phones, but I digress.

Jimmy (along with his wife, Barbara) is at the top of my list of favorite people in the world. He is a Melrosian, the term I devised some years ago to refer to people who love and have a connection to Melrose, just to offer a context. Self-less (he would chuckle at that), generous, thoughtful (he would chuckle at that, too) are just a few words to describe him. Jimmy is one of those people who remembers the events and people in your life and inquires about their wellbeing because he knows they matter to you. He's a gentleman (he is snorting now) with a disarming sense of humor and a genuine compassion for others. He has a great smile and wonderful laugh, cooks amazing meals and tends a stocked-for-you bar. His politics lean clearly in one direction, but he keeps an open mind, takes the time to listen to and consider the points of views of others, and is a model of what it means to be in respectful disagreement. His hospitality is unrivaled. He is a delightful friend.

And now, crap, I've just remembered someone else who should be on this list (again, not in my cell phone directory!), but I will desist and move on. I am grateful for all the people in my life, those who've known me since my birth and those whom I've come to know through this blog and other online forums. Each of you enrich my life in ways unique to who you are, and for the abundance you bring to my life I cannot thank God enough. Bless you, and may your day be glorious.
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Jayne said...

You surely do know lots of "J's!" I am sure no one really feels slighted in the least, though I can see why it's hard to remember so many people who've played in so many parts of your life in one shape or form. :c) Blessed are you to have so MANY!

Jayne said...

P.S. LOVE the new digs here, by the way! Very "you!"

Jules said...

Smoochies to you!


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