Sunday, November 07, 2010

a better day

The sun is shining this morning, and with an extra hour to pad my sleep last night, I am feeling considerably better that any of the last six days.

Granny has been laid to rest, pasta and sauce were served last night without incident, lots of students from the university came, and the church was filled with the sound of laughter and lots of voices. Ken and I are both worn out from yesterday's round-the-clock efforts, but at the end of the day we were content and ready to collapse. Once church is over today, there are no claims on us that cannot be deferred to the next day--hurray! In spite of knowing, throughout the week, that "this, too, shall pass," I am relieved to have reached today--without it's added burdens, pressures, and the need to step in and fill the breech that should be the responsibilities of others. We Really need to address that at church.

On my list of priorities, besides some badly needed time off, is to retrieve files from my laptop hard drive. We may be a week into the month, but there is still a newsletter that needs to go out! I will also propose to Ken that we catch a matinee on Monday. We both want to see "Red," with Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis (not to mention Mary Louise Parker!), and veterans get a discount at the local theater on Mondays.

May your day be blessed by light.


Jayne said...

What a nice turnout for the dinner! Glad everything went so well, you got much needed rest and that today is a new day! XOXO

Mompriest said...

Glad all went well. Enjoy the time of rest that will soon be yours. And, the movie too!

The Bug said...

Oh a MOVIE - what is that? LOL - we haven't been to the movies in forever. I'm glad you survived - although of course we knew you'd be fabulous.

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