Monday, November 15, 2010

o christmas tree

I realize that today is the ides of November, and no, we have not begun any Christmas here. But there's something going on at my favorite local university that the Development Office (I think) is putting together that has got my creative juices warming up for action.

This is the first year that Cumberland will host "Trees of the Hall," a live auction of decorated Christmas trees. From the event page on facebook:  
This first time event is a scholarship benefit for underprivileged children to attend Cumberland Arts Academy. Beautifully decorated Christmas trees brought to you by sponsors and friends across Wilson County will be available for purchase during our live auction. Wine and hors d'oeuvres will be served and entertainment will be provided by the Cumberland Arts Academy Suzuki Violin Players as well as the Cumberland University Choir.

I love stuff like this! The event is just two weeks away, so it's late in the game to try to get a tree put together, but I'm already brainstorming ideas for the church to contribute a tree next year. What a fun way to do outreach! There are so many ways to get creative with a project like this: do a tabletop tree, pick a theme, a color for ornaments, blah blah blah. We've got lots of talented and artistic folks in the church, and we could work through the year to create or collect ornaments. We've also got a member who works at Lowe's, and I've already got plans to talk to him about getting a pre-lit tree at a discount (better yet, donated!) at the close of this year's Christmas selling season. I've already talked to our outreach coordinator, and she's on board! Can you tell I'm excited?

In the meantime, is this tree (pictured) not just the cutest thing? I came across it looking for a picture to include in this post. It's made of paper, and probably takes about 30 minutes to make. Let me at it!

I have not been feeling particularly excited about Christmas this year. we have no money for anything. When I think about a card I don't think there are any pictures of us that I would want anyone to see. The weight gain in this house is not a pretty thing. But even if we had a picture, the cost of cards (we send about 150) and postage pretty much exhausts any discretionary spending we might have. It will probably be just the two of us this year, and unless we think of some way to spend the day that is interesting and stimulating, well, big deal. If Christmas day wasn't smack up against Sunday I'd suggest going to Gatlinburg, but since we can't even get out of town until midnight Christmas Eve, there's not much point. Sigh. We'll think of something.

For now we'll focus on simple pleasures and find blessings in small things. That's what life is about, after all.


The Bug said...

I think we finally whittled down our Christmas list last year, but we often send out 200 cards. Some years I make them - but not this year! I refuse! So, yes, cost is a big factor. I should work on our list to see how many I need this year. We always include our annual Christmas poem. Hmmm - maybe this is the year that we send JUST the poem & no card :)

Every year we have to go to our families for Christmas. Not an option to do anything else. Sometimes I think I might like to just stay home & enjoy it with each other - but I'll never know!

KimQuiltz said...

I know your struggle. My mother was dreading the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and all the cooking that would be involved. I told her, "Turkey, veg, potato and a pie. What more do we need?"

Oh yeah, and for my son Mason to bring his new Kinect game so we can have a dance-off. :D

prudy said...

why not go to a b and b in the mountains north of nashville for one night? why not send a xmas letter like your mothers does? i look forward to her letters every year and have saved them all. prudy

Jayne said...

Hey, I think simplifying things is such a gift. Let go of the stress of what you "should" do and find another way of celebrating the season, just the two of you. Go to a local museum with a Christmas themed exhibit... spend time at a local shelter helping serve a Christmas meal... rather inexpensive things that keep the spirit of the season.


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