Wednesday, November 24, 2010

shades of life

As acknowledged here, the last few weeks have been a bit on the blah side, but things are looking up.

I needed to do a little shopping yesterday, and while I was out I encountered all sorts of seasonal temptations. I soaked up every sensory bit of it--the music, the colors, the displays, even the smells! I may not be able to enjoy shopping with abandon, but there are deals here and there that can be considered, and it's almost a happy challenge to find small, inexpensive things that have meaning. I love Christmas. I have great memories of the season and the traditions of my youth that stir when the weather gets cold and the calendar ticks toward December. When confronting disappointment I often tell myself not to dwell on what I don't have, but to make the most of what I do have. Time to employ that sentiment this year. Time to shape our own holiday and bring meaning to it for this stage of life. We can do this. Si, se puede!

But wait, there's more! Ashley called last night with the news that they're pregnant again. Baby number three is due to arrive in July, right around the time when they are scheduled to move to their next post. The timing is accidental, number three is not. Time to get busy with some "new baby" plans and creations.

And speaking of getting busy, Advent is around the corner and there's work to be done! A quick warm-up of what's left of my coffee and then it's nose to the grindstone. Tis the season!


Jules said...

Happiest of Thanksgivings to you my friend! You are a blessing!

Jan said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm glad you found hope going out. A new baby coming is very exciting, now that I've experienced what a grandbaby is like! Joy and gratitude wished for you.

Jayne said...

Indeed... we can focus on what we do have and what we can do. It still makes the season so very special. Wow... didn't realize those two wanted three kids. A big handful for sure... she's a brave woman! Congratulations to you Nana, and to the proud grandfather too! Hugs!

The Bug said...

I've got to get with the program - I'm not the least bit ready for Christmas! I hate to shop so I need to do some advance planning.

Congrats on the new baby!


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