Tuesday, November 02, 2010

just so you know

More computer problems here. The screen on my laptop blinked once, twice, three times and it was out! So, no visuals at all, which means I can do nothing on my computer except turn it on and listen to the music that crescendoes after booting.

I contacted my computer guru (thanks, Steve!! You are AWEsome!), and it looks like a new computer will be necessary. Sigh. Anyone need some Pampered Chef for Christmas gifts? I've got LOTS of ideas for just about anyone on your list. Maybe I'll do a post on that tomorrow or the next day.

The good news is that my day has felt freer to do some necessary housecleaning in anticipation of hosting the bible book study here tomorrow. (Ken will have the car).  The BAD news is that the November newsletter for the church won't get sent out. Ugh. Eight pages just sitting there on my computer!!

Ken has been at the polls all day, allowing me the use of his computer, but sharing won't be so easy after this! Oy! Prayers and money appreciated, LOL!


Mompriest said...

I've had a lot computer issues this year - my hard drive went out and had to be replaced, my keyboard had to be replaced, and then recently my screen went and had to be replaced...thankfully I bought an extended warrenty but that expires the end of August...sigh..all of which is good because I have zero money. I'll pray for you and your finances....may there be lots of Pampered Chef parties!

I hop

Mompriest said...

uhm.....not sure where the "i hop" came from at the end of my comment above...LOL

I guess I meant to say I hope all turns out somehow?

Jayne said...

I feel your pain after having been without mine for a week earlier in the year. Sending you lots of patience to keep you sane! xoxo

The Bug said...

LOVE the picture! It definitely echoes my feelings about computers sometimes.

I think that Mompriest was telling you that pancakes are the answer to every problem. :)

Jules said...

Oh NO! I had to share with E for about a week and it drove both of us to distraction but he was so nice about the whole thing. Hope you can get this resolved.


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