Thursday, April 21, 2011

family time

The best part of the BRC weekend was being with family. Although most of it wasn't leisurely, I count on every occasion with our grandchildren as an opportunity to get to know them, and for them to get to know us. It tugs on my heart that they don't recognize us or have a bond with us, just one of the reasons I am so grateful that they will soon be close enough to see them more regularly.

Luke, now three and a half, is fond of contorting his face! I don't tend to keep those pictures, though there are a few, like this one. He is cautious, frequently in motion, and smart as a whip. His caution is expressed in phrases like this one: "Mama, don't let that man talk to me!" Cross, one and a half, is fearless. He scrambled up and over parts of the jungle-gym without hesitation, over and over again. He is getting better and better at forming words, though they are still hard to understand. I love when he hears a new word and tries to sound it out just after you've spoken it.

Here are a few moments I cherish.

 I forgot to mention the team t-shirts for the competition! Nearly every team had family and friends showing their support and making them readily identifiable by means of colorful and distinctive t-shirts. It occurred to me too late in the game to try to photograph as many as I could. Our shirt can be seen below. At the time they needed to be ordered we didn't know the team number, so Trisha stenciled our number on the sleeve of each shirt (except the boys shirts, which were too small for the stencil). This picture wasn't taken to show the shirt. It captures a father-son moment where Travis is explaining to Luke that when you blow on embers (a stick from the fire), it makes the embers glow.
Here are a few I downloaded from a Ft. Benning site. You'll  need to click to enlarge for a better view. And in case you're wondering (as I did), the HE>I is "He is greater than I," a reference to Christ. I love that the dog has a shirt.

Tomorrow we'll be back to our regular programming. See ya!

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The Bug said...

That looks like so much fun! I want a team t-shirt! Now where can I find a Ranger to root for?


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