Thursday, April 28, 2011

thankful thursday

After the series of intense storms that have blown through the state (and the south!) during the last couple of days, I am thankful that neither we or anyone we know suffered anything more than soggy yards. Brooks and streams are very swollen, but receding quickly. Some communities in other regions have significant flooding and tornado damage. This time around, we escaped.

A little "unity breakfast" for state democratic leaders is taking place Friday morning (I'm shocked they didn't consult the calendar of the royal family, but what can I say). Al Gore will be on hand to speak, and the price tag for entry is way beyond consideration for us. BUT! Ken and I will there as volunteers. The DVR will have to do for wedding moments.This, after all the trouble I went to to determine what hat I would wear!

When we returned from BRC last week we came home with a new car! Well, new to us. It's a 1993 Toyota Camry that had belonged to Trisha's grandparents. Trisha has driven it for years, but as problems cropped up (mostly minor, but annoying and inconvenient), the car's use declined. Trisha and Kenneth both have other wheels now (and Trisha's Lola is a magnificent specimen of a Toyota Sequoia) and the poor Camry was languishing on the sidelines. Being a one-car family has become an increasing challenge for us, so the Camry was offered "as is," and Ken is an ecstatic recipient.

Cross stitch project number three is finished and ready for framing! It's for Trisha and Kenneth for their anniversary. My current project is a UFO (unfinished object) from too many years ago. I've got more of these than I would like to acknowledge, but now that I'm back in the stitching groove there is hope that they will be completed and 1) be given to the intended recipient at long last (like this first UFO), or 2) find a home here with us.
Finally today I am thankful for upcoming vacation! We'll be at Melrose next week for some serious R&R, and we can hardly wait.

Until tomorrow!


The Bug said...

So glad you guys are safe! Yahoo on the car - that will make your lives much easier. And the wedding announcment is just lovely - go you!

Carolina Linthead said...

Enjoy the car! Glad to hear that y'all are okay. I am very thankful that our friend Jayne is okay! Her town is a number of towns down south. I saw some pictures...the photographer seemed obsessed with wrecked fast food places, but the extent of the damage was clear and awful. The flooding is getting pretty bad along the Ohio and Mississippi, but we're okay up here.


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