Monday, April 25, 2011

monday madness

Okay, let's kick off this Easter Week of celebrating new life and moving beyond the world of death and bad habits by laughing at local politics. The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports the following as it pertains to certain action in our local legislature.
Both [state speaker] Ramsey and [house majority leader] McCormick said they see no problem with the Legislature stepping into the domain of local governments in areas like the anti-gay bias ordinance [of metro Nashville] and efforts to block cities from enacting “living wage” ordinances.

“I’d say the states created the federal government,” McCormick said. “The state also created the local governments. So we do have a role. When they can’t come to some kind of logical conclusion at the local level, it is legitimate for us to step in.”

He said it is “also legitimate for us to step in to create a consistent business environment across the state.”
Let me pause for a moment for you to absorb that.

These "leaders" take issue with what they perceive as the federal government compromising states' rights, but see no problem jumping in to take control of local government decisions (with which they object--a bit different from being unable to take action due to financial or other resource constraints).

And Mr. McCormick needs, at a minimum, some remedial work on the history of our government. The federal government was created by representatives of geographic regions seeking unity and the common good. Once formed, states petitioned the government to become part of that body. Tennessee became a state June 1, 1796, but it was formed resulting from a donation of land to the United States by North Carolina.

Show me where, constitutionally, that determining "logical conclusions" is up to state government, or where there is any semblance of a notion that government has a role in creating consistent business environments (other than occupational health and safety regulations). I believe that our leaders are elected by the people, for the people. Except of course those that are elected by corporations for corporations.

Makes me kind of itchy to return to New England. Yankees may be reserved, but the roots of our country's origins run deep there, and common sense is considerably more prevalent than where I now hang my hat.


Jules said...

If your state legislature drives you nuts, you should see what ours is doing! Beyond logic or good common sense! These "children" should be horsewhipped or at least sat in the corner until they apologize for their recent actions!

Stepping off my soap box until another day!

The Bug said...

I don't know Anne - Maine is kind of crazy too these days :)

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