Thursday, April 07, 2011

thankful thursday

*     Today is National No Housework Day!

*     For no particular reason I'm in a very good mood today. That might be because there is no agenda for the day and I can continue cleaning/reorganizing areas of my office. Not to mention that it's beautiful outside. Finally! I may actually spend a little time doing some very necessary weeding... 
*     Yesterday I picked up the recently framed cross stitch birth record I did for Cross (above)! I never did show you the framed one for Luke (below). The color of the mat isn't true. It's more of a light aqua (as in, greenish). Some day, when I'm not late blogging and I have lots of time to play around with how to photograph items framed behind glass without capturing reflections, glare from a flash, or shadows from overhead lighting, I'll learn how to show work like these to advantage! Until that day arrives, however, you'll just have to use your imagination and go with these. But since this post is about thankfulness, let me just say how thankful I am that these are ready for delivery next week! Yay!!!!!

*     Speaking of next week, we're heading south a week from today to watch Kenneth compete in the Army's best Ranger competition at Ft. Benning. Hoo-rah! This is an army-wide event, so it's a pretty big deal. Big enough to miss Palm Sunday at church!.  I can't believe that we haven't seen Trisha and Kenneth since their return from their honeymoon, almost a year ago. Lots of hugs and kisses ahead!

*     As noted in earlier posts, I'm using Borg and Crossan's book The Last Week to lead discussion during our Lenten program. I'm not sure what other people are getting out of this journey, but it has been transformational for me. I'm discovering the emphasis on justice, which makes so much sense about the Jesus I always thought was there. Way cool. I'm also discovering how much the Church misses the boat about what our mission is, too. Hmm...  Anyway, I'm thankful for the shot in the arm this has been for me, spiritually.

*     I had an awesome appointment yesterday with someone I can't tell you about just yet. Let's just say there were some great "aha" moments that have relieved me of some burdens I've carried for a long time. Ahhh.

*     I'm actually losing weight! The Dr. Oz diet I'm following is working for me, and I am mega-grateful about that! Some of his recipes need serious improvement, but there are a couple of them that very palatable.

The Bug prompted this post, so if you want to see what other people are thankful for, head on over!

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The Bug said...

Ooh - it's a national day dedicated to ME! Woot! Heh.

I'm proud of you for losing weight. I am working on it myself without a lot of success. That's because every day I cave & eat something I shouldn't.

I'm excited about your appointment :)


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