Friday, April 08, 2011

friday five: light on the horizon

At RevGals Dorcas invites us to share ways that our life is moving toward resurrection and new life.

1) Family! Our daughter and her family will move in June from San Antonio to Augusta, GA, just before grandchild #3 is due to grace the world in July. Their closer proximity will mean that we will actually be able to see them with some regularity, something that has been difficult in the last three years. We don't know our grandsons, and we yearn for relationships with them as well as deepening relationships with their parents.

2) Creating. Just after Christmas I returned to a craft I haven't done since seminary--cross stitch. It turns out to be the perfect way to accomplish something while watching television, and I am enjoying watching projects emerge from a blank canvas to a finished product. I am also returning to scrapbooking, which offers creative challenges that are exercising a different part of my brain. There is a huge, inner deep sigh reflecting this new reality that creativity is filling a larger place in my life.

3) There's some unbloggable stuff going on, but I can share that some significant change will be coming my way. Hard change, but with it opportunity. Although this is a scary time, I feel light and uplifted. There are some anxious days ahead, to be sure, but all will be well.

4) Me and Jesus. As noted in yesterday's post, a new "relationship" with Jesus is emerging through the work I've been doing for our Lenten program. This is a mammoth thing for me, and in the same way that my creative soul is sighing, so is my spiritual being letting loose a deep sigh of gladness.

5) As winter weather wanes our yard and gardens are ripe for new life of their own. I'm not good at digging and turning over soil, but I've always enjoyed weeding, so I see new life for our gardens in the coming week.s My husband is already at work on his vegetable beds, but I've always been a flower girl. I'm looking forward to color and blooms.


revkjarla said...

weeding and flowers...very contemplative!
blessings on your unbloggables....and prayers for them, too....
cross stitch! I did that as a teen and really enjoyed it.
post some of your creations!!

Terri said...

prayers for your unbloggables...and for the new possibilities,too.

angela said...

Wow, you are transforming. Lent can be such a time of readiness to open--and I think though some people find that too pat, there is reason in the darkness.

The Bug said...

I think this is a great season for you - good things are going to come from the hard things. I keep envisioning a move of some sort :)

Sharon said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish you many blessings on your unbloggables as well as those you did blog about. So hopeful to hear that you feel uplifted during your scary time.

Carolina Linthead said...

Pancakes it is! Love to you, my friend, and peace, and hope, and light :-)


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