Friday, April 29, 2011

friday five: royal I dos

It's a royal friday five!

1) Will you be watching? If so, is this your first royal wedding?
I'm up and tuned in! This is my third royal wedding, having watched Diana and Charles tie the knot, and then Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

2) The bride has chosen as her wedding cake a fruitcake. Where do you stand on this pastry?
What is she thinking? No, really, I'm hoping that this isn't the fruitcake that doubles as a door stop on this side of the pond, but truth be told, I haven't paid close attention to this detail.

3) The dress code for royal weddings has not seen the same sad decline as that for most other weddings. If you could design your own royal wedding hat, what color would it be and what special decoration would it feature?
I would, undoubtedly, wear a dress of teal (my most flattering color), so the hat would have to match (yes, that does sound wretched, doesn't it?). To lighten the mood disrupted by the hat I would decorate it with a cluster of adorable sheep.

4)  Any chance the Archbishop of Canterbury is using a Sustainable Sermon (tip of the mitre to the Vicar of Hogsmeade)? What would you tell the couple were you offering the homily?
Be yourself, and in that allegiance to self commit the best of who you are to the other. Laugh and cry together, kiss and make up, forgive and hold fast to one another, and be sure not to leave your dirty dishes in the sink.

5) Believe it or not, kathrynzj is getting up early mostly to see the wedding dress. By the time this post is up, the world will have seen it. Did you like it?
I think Catherine is a beautiful woman, and her taste in clothes is exquisite. I expected the dress to be in the vein of traditional style, but it is much more traditional than I expected. That said, it is elegant, stately, and beautiful. Well done, Catherine!  PS, Pippa's dress is the bomb!

Mazel Tov to you both!

Alas, I have to scoot off to a breakfast to hear Al Gore! I'll be back.


Terri said...

Oh I agree, Pippa's dress is so beautiful! And, so is Catherine's...

Bishop Laura said...

Thanks for the pics--haven't seen much and didn't get up early.

Muthah+ said...

Off to hear Al Gore is more exciting than the wedding.

The Bug said...

I LOVE your concept for your hat - I'll have to share it with Mike :)

I was intrigued that her dress was so very traditional - but she looked gorgeous in it. I love how much more confident she is than Diana - although as my boss pointed out she's about 10 years older than Diana was when she married Charles.

angela said...

Matching stuff, is that custom made too?! I'm not much on fashion that is expensive, but I've got to admit it is like watching a different world unfold before me.

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