Tuesday, May 10, 2011

back and happy report

It was a wonderful week at Melrose, with lovely, cool and sunny days, cicadas, breezes on the porch, cicadas, crossword puzzles to my heart's content, cicadas, visits with dear friends Jimmy and Barbara, and cicadas.

Did I mention cicadas? They. Were. Everywhere. Holes in the ground announced their communal hatch (my shoes are in the picture, below, as a measure of their size). Shells left behind clung to trees, leaves, and branches. With wings free to launch them into their mating pursuits they hurried from tree to tree, branch to branch, and by day buzzed themselves into full concert mode. When you're surrounded by woods the serenade is constant during the day (they rest at night), like an incessant roaring crowd just over the next rolling hill. Not one of God's more lovely creatures they were nonetheless not much of a bother unless they flew into you. While pruning a crepe myrtle among its lower limbs I experienced several dive-bombing episodes, but that aside, they're tolerable in their short-lived time on earth. That said, I'm grateful that they only visit every thirteen years.
Tomorrow I'll share photos of less noisy passages of time. Stay tuned!


The Bug said...

We had cicadas here not long after we moved up here - they were EVERYWHERE. We still have a dead one in our office - my boss & I call it our mascot :)

Glad you're back safe & sound!

Terri said...

The Chicago area has a 17 year cicada cycle...and the last year they were out (2006 or 2007?) I'll never forget. Loud, and toward the end of their life cycle -crazy flying everywhere - into everything like they are intoxicated ewwwww! and yes, loud! and the same big holes in the ground. amazing.

We had a different kind of cicada last summer - not as big and not as loud but still present..

Glad you enjoyed your time away...thinking of you as you discern the stuff you need too.

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