Friday, May 20, 2011

friday five: words

At RevGals this morning Jan invites us to share words that we like. Just the other day I remember referring to a word and saying (out loud, no less), "that is such a great word!" Of course, this morning I have no recollection of what the word was. Such is my life these days! But what a great exercise (thanks, Jan!), and I will strive to do it justice. It may take all day to come up with those words...

puppy - This word invokes an automatic release of endorphins, smiles, a pause to consider the cuteness of such creatures and, if I'm lucky enough to have one in my clutches, squeals of delight! Few things bring instant joy to my being like puppies.

engaging - I use this word a lot in its various conjugations. I invite my congregation to engage scripture; I find a person to be engaging; I encourage parishioners to get engaged in a ministry where they feel passion--you get the idea. To me the word is about involvement, investment, participation, jumping in with both feet, taking a risk, not being idle, and so on. It's dynamic and energizing and get-my-butt-out-of-the-chair motivating.

hope - I've been through some tough, discouraging years, but I  manage to keep putting one foot in front of the other because I have hope that better times are ahead. 'Nuff said.

on the verge - I'm cheating because this is a phrase, but it relates to hope (see above), and possibilities (see below). It engenders a sense of anticipation, awakening, and transformation. I'm kind of big on those three things. On the Verge is also an excellent play.

possibilities - as an INFJ I am all about what can be. I will be out of a job at the end of the month, making this is a time of opportunity and renewal, and the possibilities are ripe with redemption (that's another word I like).

Crucible - I had to add this as a sixth word. It holds meaning for me as an introvert (this appear to be something of a stream of consciousness list), and a "process" person. It's also one of my favorite plays (by Arthur Miller--am I detecting a theme?). Trying to parse its significance to me feels like it would detract from its power, so I will let this brief offering stand.

If you're interested in the words that matter to some other folks, hop on over to RevGals and check out those posts!


Purple said...

Engage is such a great word. I am pretty comfortable with ambiguity but the church I serve pretty much needs concrete facts, outcomes, and exactly how much they will have to engage might be a word for them to wrestle with. Thanks.

Sandy said...

My cousin once told me "puppies are good for the soul" and that has been one of my many mantras since! I too am an INFJ and never really thought about the way "possibilities" relate to that but you nailed it. Thanks! I am settled in the Birmingham area now, but am hoping to make it back to Nash-Vegas for a visit in October or November. If I do, I will definitely let you know!

RevDrKate said...

Nice list, I really like engage in all its forms!

The Bug said...

Now here I am thinking that I'm more "puppy" than "engage" - but that could just be the fever talking:) I did pick some strawberries for my dad this morning.

I love your list - and I would love to see how it might change once you're ensconced in your new life :)

Wendy said...

From one introvert (IXFJ) to another, what wonderfully thoughtful words!

Sharon said...

The puppy picture is adorable even to this cat person! And "Crucible" is rich, very rich. Thanks!

angela said...

New thoughts--I love 'hope' and 'on the verge' and understand the constant learning needed for INFJ's--the first time I took Meyers/Briggs I was INFJ and understood for the first time that I wasn't just weird and trying not to bother anybody.

Exciting and anxious to be changing jobs...working on process at the same time. Crossroads.


oneofgrace said...

I like your words, particularly engaging. I would have said kitten rather than puppy (as I'm more of a cat person), but baby animals in general are about the cutest things ever.

Terri said...

I didn't realize your job was ending so soon. I wish I had something to offer having been underemployed myself for a long while....sigh...but yea it ia also a time to ponder possibilities!

Wonderful words!

Jan said...

INFJ, too, and so I love your choices of words, especially engaging. I've limited that word to often to pre-marriage and instead it's a connection. . . .Thanks--wishing you hope always.

Bonnie Jacobs said...

When I saw this illustration of "W-O-R-D-S" at the bottom of another post, I had to come read it because it was one of my favorite Friday Fives, way back in 2011. It's always fun to see what others choose, though (in mine that day) I said it could be a different five words on some other day.

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