Monday, May 02, 2011

monday miscelaney

We are off to Melrose this week, and since my laptop died I won't be posting until we return. I will be taking my printer so that I can scan some old photographs that are kept there, and capture them for the family archives. And now that I've just reviewed my "scan to" options on the printer, it looks like I will be taking my desktop! Fortunately it's small, and the screen is flat. Ken will think I am crazy, but frankly, I don't care! It's a worthy effort.

I learned the news of bin Laden before going to bed, and there is much to ponder related to this event. Various news sources have been doing a lot of the pondering for me and given me a head start in that department. By the time we return and have access to news again (other than the radio) the world will have moved on to the next big story. That might be a good thing. One can saturate on news and events. And though I know that much of the world over-saturated on the Royal Wedding, not me. I love all things royal and barbecued! I will also confess that it crossed my mind that I'm glad the news about bin Laden didn't happen on Friday and spoil Will and Catherine's day.

Off to pack, load the car and be on the road. This is a much needed vacation. We haven't gotten away since a year ago when Kenneth and Trisha got married (I'm not including BRC, since although that was getting away, it was not in the least bit restful!). I'm taking cross stitch and one book.

Until our return, thoughts and prayers are with all who carry burdens, blessings wished upon all, and light and laughter strewn your direction. May we all have a happy heart at least once during each given day.



The Bug said...

Have a good time!

Carolina Linthead said...

Yes, hope you have a very good time! One point: President Obama controlled the time line on this attack, as he had the final say, and he apparently did not authorize it until late enough that it would come after the wedding. Very little is happenstance in the Oval Office, and every action has far-reaching political consequences, so I think perhaps he chose to wait. After all, bin Laden had been holed up there for years, and this op had taken months to rehearse and stage...what's a few more hours?


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