Thursday, May 19, 2011

thankful thursday

Let me start by saying that I'm thankful for my friend The Bug for her regular Thursday posts of thanksgiving. 1) It spares me having to come up with a singular focus for my post, 2) it encourages an attitude of gratitude (like that Bug? I'm being poetic!) and 3) reading her post always gives me a chuckle. There are far worse ways to start the day.
  • Thanks to my friend Jules I have some cool new fonts (like the one decorating the photo, above). I love fonts.  Thanks, Jules!
  • I'll follow that with being thankful for readings who don't come here to be lured into becoming pampered chefs when I'm trying to share the benefits of our fabulous products but indulge me in these posts nonetheless. Having said that, if you're on the fence about purchasing any of these items, let me push you over the fence into the "well of course I need that!" yard to help me with some sales this month. Thank you for that commercial.
  • I'm really thankful that I can now talk/blog about what comes next in my life. It was a real challenge to keep quiet at certain points along the way as the end of life as I've known it got booted into the end zone. But it's all good. Well, it's 90% good, and I'm leaving that remaining 10% for God to sort out.
  • Speaking of what comes next, did I mention that I am working with an amazing, awesome career coach? She blows me away. I had a session with her yesterday during which we looked at the gifts I bring to the world and the environment in which I've been working. The disconnects were astonishing. This doesn't mean that I don't have gifts for parish ministry. It means that the parishes in which I have worked and the responsibilities I had in those positions have not been well suited to my gifts, or have been received in the places I served. Frustration with all capital letters! There is a huge piece of awareness that emerged from the work we did that is so liberating it (which will be a post of its own).  Working with Becky has been the first fruit of an unfortunate situation.
  • Ken will be away this weekend at the Tennessee Democratic Party biennial summit. He's representing our county. I'm planning to get lots done at home!
  • I came up with an idea for how to earn some money between now and when I land My Next Job. I'm pretty psyched about it, and will share more in the coming days. Sorry to tease and make you wait.
Next stop after posting this: cleaning off my desk so that I can do some scrapping this weekend. Heh heh...


The Bug said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I'm so glad you're working with this career coach - I know you've been frustrated so it's good that you're getting the chance to figure out WHY.

Jules said...

Also thanks for the shout out and you are more than welcome for the fonts. So glad you have your Becky to help with this job search!

Kip said...

You're sounding so much better and I'm so happy for you Anne. The coach sounds wonderful too. I'm sure you'll find your niche soon and it'll be worth the wait.

Terri said...

Holding you in prayer as you discern....sounds like your coach is wonderful gift!

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