Thursday, March 09, 2006

finally, my "news release"

Well, it's taken me forever to post this news, and the few hardy souls who visit here pretty much know it by now anyway, but it's finally time to announce that Ken and I are getting married! An update to that news, which was delayed a bit to some central people in our lives because of other factors, is that we have set the dates. Yes, you read that right, dates! We are going to be married in a simple civil ceremony in our new house on March 24, with a wedding celebration to be held November 11 when our family and friends are able to join us for that event at Christ Church Cathedral, in Nashville. Mark your calendar!

Knowing that this day would get here eventually, a while ago I procured the above bumper sticker, which Junior put on my car for me when he was here a couple of weeks ago. That really makes it official!

Stay tuned for further updates!


Gail said...

Congratulations! I love the bumper sticker, because it shows that Junior has really accepted you into his family already and that is worth more than words can say. Bet you're busy packing these days. Sending good wishes that it all goes smoothly. Don't forget to visit the EBs now and then.

katie said...

Again, congratulations to the two of you....what a special way to start yourlife together--officially in your new home.
How proud you must be to be the "parent" of a Ranger.

Yvonne said...

Congratulations! I wanted to officially say it, since it's now officially announced! LOL!! And how awesome to get the bumper sticker! I'm so thrilled for you!


Ruth said...

How wonderful for you both. Such lovely news. And I really love the bumper sticker from Junior. You are going to be one proud Military Mum with that on your car. So much to do even for a simple ceremony, but by the smile on your face each time I see a photograph of you it would seem you are enjoying every moment. Congratulations.

samtzmom said...

Two Kens who love you... can't get much better than that! You know that I am most proud and puffed up with this "official" announcement, even though I somehow knew it would happen when I told you there was someone I think you were meant to meet a year ago. :c) Just happy as can be!!! Much love to you both!

tiggerrules said...

Oh Anne! I'm so happy for the both of you. What an exciting time in your life! Also congratulations on closing on your house! Just lots of fun news for you all and I couldn't be happier for you!

karen said...

How Wonderful for Both of you!!!!
And Junior that already welcomes you as a "mom". But then again I wouldn't expect anything less!!!!
I am so happy and excited for the both of you...not sure if you have ever heard our story, but Jan and I started dating, and got married in our 40's It is such a wonderful, fulfilling experience...I know you will be so happy together!!!!
Love to you both!!!

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