Monday, March 27, 2006

wedding report!

Although it's only three days later, Friday seems like a long time ago now! We had such a lovely time with our family and friends who came to share the occasion with us. Everyone was here by the appointed hour, and we gathered in front of the fire place with Justice Birch. Our friend Jayne, through whom we met, read a lesson from Colossians, and his honor did all the legal stuff. At the question "who gives this woman...," which I didn't anticipate, I turned to the assembled group and suggested that perhaps they all did! I got a little choked up reciting my vows, which I hadn't expected, but hey, I can be a very emotional girl, LOL! Then when it came time to kiss the bride, Justice Birch said to Ken, "you may now salute the bride," which I thought was just the right instruction for a retired military man! I made sure that I got the salute, LOL.

Before the service I was trying on my ring to make sure it would go on easily, and had a lot of trouble with it. I chose to use my great-great grandmother's wedding ring (she was married in 1860!) for my wedding band, and though I have worn it for years on my right hand, this was a different finger. We spent some time working with lotion, then finally filled a bowl with cold water for me to soak my hand in! I had another ring (my grandmother's) that was ready to serve as a substitute if needed, but fortunately by the time we got to that part of the service the ring fit on just fine. When it came Ken's turn HIS ring wouldn't go on! Being the spontaneous wit that I am, I piped up, "want some lotion?" He refused. He did eventually get the ring on, so all is well!

I'm including a link for pictures that I posted on another site (easier than loading them here),, so feel free to have a look! Not sure how many there are, but just hit "next" at the top until you get to the end.

Time for another cup of coffee and to get the dogs out. Catch ya later!


Pam in Moncton said...

Wonderful pictures! You all look happy and like you are having a good time, which is what is wanted at a wedding!

Kip said...

Wonderful pictures and everyone looks so happy! At first I looked at the pic on top and thought, "Oh no, Anne is doing dishes with her pretty wedding dress on!!!" glad you weren't and it was only a ring emergency!

karen said...

What a beautiful Bride you are!!!!
The pictures are fabulous..Glad you had a nice time!!

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