Saturday, March 04, 2006

road report from home!

We’re home from our trip, and though it’s always good to be home, and I am grateful to be back in the land of dsl, it was sooooooooooo hard to leave behind the delights of paradise. We couldn’t have asked for a better time, and what a joy it was to share those days with such wonderful friends. Kath Kip, Janet, Jules and ‘e,’ we miss you!

It was disappointing to me not to be able to share our exploits with you after the initial post, but I had mega troubles trying to upload pictures, and even publishing text was a trial. Unfortunately my photo-card reader has bitten the dust, and although Jules very kindly loaded my pictures to her computer and burned a CD for me, I haven’t yet had a chance to load those pictures into my own computer. So, with this initial “post road trip” report I will be sharing “old” pictures from last weekend. I will probably do that in stages, because there are some wonderful pics to share. The ones I’m posting here include Ken and me at dinner on Saturday, the Cabana Crew at the Heidi Swapp workshop, and a view of St. Pete from the restaurant roof where we ate Saturday night.

A quick recap of our week with Jules and ‘e:’ Sanibel and Captiva, with a pause for sun and relaxation at the beach before heading to Key Lime Bistro for lunch. Great weather, great company, wonderful food… shopping with Jules (without the guys, who fended for themselves quite admirably in our absence!), with some great finds for the upcoming cruise… delightful repasts prepared by Gene (the aforementioned ‘e’)… a tour through the Koreshan Settlement (a repeat for me, and certainly for Jules, who bikes there, but a first for Ken)… more shopping… coffee in the hot tub… sitting in at the stamp store for the weekly demo (and serious damage on the business credit card—creations are forthcoming!)… more good food… lots of conversation and the pure joy of being with companionable friends.

Among the shopping finds were towels for our soon-to-be new guest bathroom. Thanks to Jules, who showed me her choice for HER new bathroom, I quickly complimented her taste by buying the SAME towels. (Jules, I found companion solids with Ralph Lauren towels at Westpoint Stevens!)

Well, enough for now. I’ll try to catch up with you some more Sunday afternoon. I’m preaching Sunday morning outside Nashville so it will be later in the day before I have a chance to get to the computer.



madcow said...

Thank goodness you're home! I've missed you terribly and it is all about me afterall! LOL I'm loving all the pics on the various blogs about your travels and I SO want to be a pink girl too! Glad you had a great time but I really am pleased to have you home where I can find you. Chat soonest darl! Love you!

samtzmom said...

Glad you all made it home safe and sound and that you had such a lovely relaxing, restorative time. The week at the hospital has been tiring, but my mom is now home and recovering nicely. Looking forward to seeing all the memories you now have in your heart.

Jules said...

Morning darling, for some reason I can't get ckmb to accept my sign in so will tell you here how much I miss you and our shopping fun etc. More later, love, Jules and E

Kip said...

Love your pictures and glad you made it home safe and sound!!!

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