Wednesday, March 15, 2006

keeping on, keeping on

I'm off to a slow start today. My cold and cough from several weeks ago has made a return visit, and it's getting in my way! I feel a bit better this morning than I did last night, but these moving days are long, and we aren't on track with the schedule we had hoped to be on at this point. Oh well! In the end, it will all get done and we will get moved, but in the meantime, it's a bit stressful!

Ken continues to work on the shed: the pictures show the progress. I’m managing the interior effort: the bedrooms are finally all primed, the master bedroom is painted (except for trim), and although the guest room has been painted, it needs a second coat. I also got the rug in the MBR shampooed so it is now ready for furniture! We’ve moved up the dining table and the lower part of the china cupboard, and miscellaneous other things as we grab whatever box is nearest the door to move it closer to its final destination.

This morning I will continue packing at the cabin while Ken takes a load from the storage room up to the new house. The disadvantage to this plan is that by the time I get to the house there isn’t a lot of time to get much done there. Today I will tackle the MBR trim and then finish the guest room. If time allows, I’ll get started in the third room, which will be my transitional office/studio until we’ve been able to build a new one.

Goat update! They are just the most adorable little critters, and at a mere six days old were jumping around, testing out their little legs. Wish I could stream video for you, because they are too, too cute! I have settled on the name “Carmella” for my little runt. She is predominantly the color of caramel, and it seems to suit her. The last two times I have been there to visit the wee ones, she has come right over to me, so we definitely have a bond!

Time to get packing!


Pam in Moncton said...

Wow! Good work on the painting! Like to see you with the hammer and nails too. Moving is such a chore, but I think you are definitely going about it in the right way, bit by bit.

samtzmom said...

Mercies me, but just looking at those pictures and hearing about all the lugging is making me tired, and I am not even moving! So glad you've accomplished so much in such a short time. I visited Coldwater Creek today for a nice new outfit for a function I am attending on March 24 and thought about you. :c)

Gail said...

You're coming along! Great picture of you with the hammer. Hang in there; it will be done eventually. Hope you feel better soon!

madcow said...

Darl! Missing you like crazy but so glad to see the progress. Now, as non-official-and-may-not-turn-up-on-the-day-bridesmaid I would like to strongly suggest to himself that the shed is painted PURPLE. Is that ok? LOL Carmella is a lovely name for a goat. Of course my confirmation name was Carmel (after some bad tempered priest told me I couldn't have Cushla as there was no St Cushla) and I am afterall a rather stubborn old goat(cow - take your pick) at times! love you. Hope you only find soft tissues for your nose. xxx Clare

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