Wednesday, March 29, 2006

it's true, I'm infatuated!

While down at the cabin today to try to pack up and load some of my remaining belongings I popped next door to see my wee girl, Carmella. As has become her habit, when I went into the pen she came right over to me. I had brought the camera with me, expecting to see another litter of newly arrived goats, but Mama Marigold has yet to deliver! Never mind, I had time with my little one, and that was wonderful. Here she is, still wee enough to hold easily, and she's content in my arms. It's going to be hard not to be there to watch her grow, which she is doing quickly!

I told Ken that I didn't look very glamorous in this picture, and he looked at me with a serious expression and said, "Anne, you had your picture taken with a goat."


Kip said...

I WANT her..I NEED my backyard...she is too adorable, too adorable!!!

Pam in Moncton said...

Too cute! You and the goat!

samtzmom said...

What a very sweet photo, and you look as glamourous as one should when posing with a goat! :c) Hope you all are seeing an end in sight with the move, and that things settle down back into a regular routine. As someone who also thrives on routine, I feel your pain. Hugs to you all...

Whippet said...

I think you both look very glamourous - that blue is your color. I bet Jocko would love to play with Carmella :-)


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