Thursday, March 16, 2006

progress and goats

Another day, another stage of the move! We now have furniture in the bedroom and the bed is made! We ordered new bedding for this new start, and the comforter arrived a few days ago, so it is on the bed. I am so happy with it. Will get a picture to post once the curtains have arrived and they are installed Ken spent the night there last night. Poor thing, all this activity is wearing him out. He's been having trouble sleeping, too, so I hope a night in his comfy bed will have done the trick and gotten him some rest. (Gotten him? Surely that grammar isn’t right…)

Finished most of the repainting in the guest room yesterday, and it looks great. Just need to touch up a few areas along the baseboard and that room will be ready to rock. Got some packing done yesterday before I headed up, which was a good thing. Will try to get some more done this morning before leaving. Today’s task is to paint my office/studio!

I was able to get some pictures of the goats yesterday before I left. They are just so cute I can’t stand it. Carmella was a dear, came right over to me when I went into the pen and sat on the bale of hay. There are trunks of downed trees in their pen area, and they love to climb up on those and practice balancing. I’m gonna miss them!

Time to rally for today’s activity. See ya!


Kip said...

God, they are so precious you just want to squeeze them!!! I can't believe all the painting you're doing! I can't get in there and just do a little bathroom, lol! Can't wait to see the pictures!

samtzmom said...

Oh my! They look just like the Gund Stuffed Animals you can purchase around Easter. How utterly adorable! And, I think Carmella is the cutest of all. :c) Sounds like you all are really getting so much accomplished! I am impressed with your planning and fortitude. We've been planning to get the paper off the wall in Sam's bathroom for... um... never mind. Love and hugs and safe trips!


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