Thursday, August 31, 2006

a quick hello

Since arriving in Connecticut Monday afternoon there hasn't been an opportunity to get my computer connected. No wireless here, and we're staying in someone else's apartment, and it just isn't right to invade their phone service and plug in my computer! This morning I'm indulging for a brief moment while there is opportunity. In the meantime I feel so out of touch with other news. Friends in Florida--are you safe? dry? out of harm's way? Do you have power? I don't even know where Ernesto is at the moment! Will try to catch up later when Mom is a bit more settled and I can set up for a few moments in her place. In the meantime I miss being able to be in touch, and hope all are well!


Kip said...

We're fine down here Anne! Ernesto is coming up your way! Glad your mom is getting settled.


samtzmom said...

It was so good to catch up a bit on Friday, and to get home and "refresh" your blog to find all I've missed. Hope your mom gets all settled in and is treated like the queen that she is. Many hugs to you all. Be safe.

Jules said...

WE are aok darling Anne. Kip is on her way down and your gift for her got here safe and sound.

Can't wait to hear how everything is going! Love you and you are missed!


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