Wednesday, October 15, 2008

aren't they cute?

Junior was in Atlanta last weekend on a dual mission: job interview and female pursuit. We think the job is a done deal (more on that later), and the other mission, while not accomplished, appears to be making excellent progress. We drove through Atlanta on our way home Sunday, and were able to stop and have a little time with Junior and Trisha (and we think she and the dog are both adorable). It's nice to see your child happy, and its fun to see that she's quicker than he with the comeback! I think he may have met his match, but it's a bit early for prognostications.

Turns out she's from Augusta, of all places, so we are thinking that Thanksgiving at Melrose might be in our collective future. Stay tuned for updates!


Jayne said...

Well, now! She is adorable. :c) Christmas at Melrose sounds simply lovely.

Jules said...

Darling choice...if you approve, I approve!


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