Wednesday, October 29, 2008

take a whiff

It's cold here this morning, and Ken is at home putting together estimates for prospective jobs before heading out to the project on which he is presently working. For some reason I slept late this morning, and when I finally emerged to start the day was surprised and delighted to find a fire going in the fireplace.

Having a fire is one of Ken's simple pleasures. We have noted, as well, that with the ceiling fans operating the heat circulates through the house reasonably well, shaving a tad of the expense off our utility bill.

As I was sitting in the wing chair by the fire earlier with my breakfast, I got a whiff of that distinctive wood-burning scent. Yankee Candle is missing out on an opportunity for significant sales by not having a candle scent of the same. For all those with gas fires who miss the scent of a "real" fire, this would do the trick. And of course a natural place to sell such candles would be hearth oriented retailers making sales to homes making the transition.

I think I'm on to something here. Who do I talk to?


:Jayne said...

You are so right about that candle scent! You ARE on to something.


Jayne said...

Wish I were there to sit in front of this beautiful fire and chat. :c) What a guy you have.

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