Tuesday, October 28, 2008

the new look

About a month ago we got our new living room furniture, and I promised pictures! At long last, here they are, with a "before" and then an after shot.

In the "sort of strange" department we saw our old couch on the news last week, in the home of a couple being interviewed for a local news piece. And not too long ago on an episode of Criminal Minds the fabric in which I reupholstered an arm chair was covering the couch on one of the sets used for that episode! Not sure what any of that means, if anything, but it just strikes me as a little strange.
Here's the look before:
And here's the new look! One of the things I love about the change is that the window is no longer obscured with the couch in front of it, and we have more light in the room. I also took down the old curtains and left just the sheers. The painting doesn't work so well over the couch, given the color, but it does fit the wall. Oh well!

1 comment:

Jayne said...

WOW, it looks great! It really opened the room up a good bit, didn't it? Good job!


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