Thursday, October 09, 2008

sing with me now; "it's a small world after all!"

So, there I was checking my email and minding my own business when I got a notification from facebook to confirm that I would accept a request to be friends with another facebook member. Ah! One of my former seminarians! I’d been meaning to drop him a line to congratulate him and his wife (rather belatedly) on the birth of their second child. Their first child, Noah, was born back in the days when Paul worked with me.

I went to my facebook page and clicked to confirm, then clicked on the link to take me to Paul’s page. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but the news that he lives in Wasilla! I knew he was in Alaska, but how small a world is it (considering the size of that state) that he should be living in the most Googled small town in America. It’s almost frightening to consider that I might be two degrees separated from Ms. P!

Hmmm, maybe I should suggest that we arrange a pulpit swap. Now that might be interesting! Not to mention that it's snowing there...

1 comment:

Jayne said...

I can imagine they are feeling like it's a very small world too being there during this time in Wasilla's history! :c)


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