Saturday, October 18, 2008

desperately seeking a better day

It was one of those days yesterday. Got up and walked with Ken in the morning. It was cool, the perfect walking temperature. After we returned home he got ready to shove off to work and I came to the computer to blog. My brain was foggy though, and I was just dragging. I felt tired, and finally decided to go back to bed, where I slept for several hours! Yeah, that walking stuff will really wear you out.

I received an email about a dog up for adoption/rescue--Ken and I talked about it and decided to go for it, only to learn we didn't meet minimum criteria because our yard isn't "hard" fenced (we have an invisible fence), and the dog isn't good with children.

Got a call from the host from what would have been today's Pampered Chef show to tell me she had to cancel...

I needed to put some things into the mail to Junior, so bundled some errands and off I went. First stop: post office. Missed the usual turn I take to go there to avoid traffic and sat, yes, in traffic as a consequence!

On to the election commission for early voting. I should have known not to bother. The parking had overflowed into the church lot next door, but I decided to be optimistic. There was a line. It went outside the front door and wrapped around the corner of the building and down the handicap ramp. I decided to endure it until I looked through the window when I got that far along. The line wrapped in the lobby, too, and that was before getting into the room where we would encounter officials and vote. Nope, not today.

Off I went to the gas station to exchange a propane cylinder. Waited in line. Waited ten minutes while the staff looked for the barcode that was supposed to be taped to the cash register to scan the propane tank. Never found it and finally my purchase was input manually under groceries. Did you know that the propane isn't taxable but the tank is? Funny, they tax the entire amount...

And now some aspect of my computer is acting up. I can't highlight text to cut, paste, or otherwise edit. VERY frustrating.

So today I am hoping for better things, and at the least, a way to work out what is going on with the computer. Anybody out there have any ideas? Kip?

Wishing for you all a glorious weekend.

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Jayne said...

It's been a rough week here too, so I'll just say I am sending warm hugs and smiles for a better week ahead... for both of us! :c) Love you!


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