Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I appreciate smart. Whether it's delivered as eloquence, wit, thoughtfulness, insight, or any other of the many guises smart wears, I appreciate it. If my friend Kathy were still alive she would tell you that I also appreciate smart, clever advertising (she used to laugh at my familiarity with TV commercials).

Yesterday I saw an ad that, to me, depicts "smart." It was posted on a billboard by a stretch of downtown highway, an example of less-is-more wisdom. The ad read:
"Sex May Sell, But It Has Nothing to Do with the Making of Great Vodka."

Sobieski is the leading brand of vodka in Poland, and it is increasing its market niche in the US. I don't notice differences in vodka (probably don't drink enough of it to make such an observation), but in thanksgiving for their advertising alone, I just might buy this brand in the future.

Another example of their smarts? "Who Needs Superdelegates? We've Got a Whole Country Behind Us. The #1 Premium Vodka in Poland."

Okrzyki! (that means "cheers!")

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Jayne said...

Ha! That is smart! :c)


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