Friday, October 03, 2008

Just a quick hello since I am having some connectivity problems and we are getting started on Day One of the Kitchen Project. I've got my "before" pics, which I'll post later.

It was a beautiful day yesterday for travel, and we were here with plenty of time to unload and settle in before the sunset. Although it was a fairly ordinary sunset (no clouds, but some richly colored bands above the horizon), it's still wonderful to be able to sit and watch it unfold. The "title picture" above is a Melrose sunset.

The debate was boring, but I give SP credit for doing a credible job of delivery. If only there weren't so many lies and if only she would actually answer the questions. She's proven that she can memorize talking points, and her TV broadcast experience comes in handy. I just wish she'd quit dropping her g's.


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Jayne said...

I know, I have to say, too, that I was pleased that she held her own and didn't give us a 90 minute Tina Fey sketch. :c) Still silly as a goose, but she did hold her own. ;c)


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