Thursday, December 18, 2008

christmas rush

Sorry to miss posting yesterday. I had one all written and ready to go and it evaporated into some portion of cyber space. I had spent considerable time tracking down the image I wanted to use, and you know me, I tend to write with care so it was too much, given time constraints, to reconstruct it all.

The gist of my post was this: where are all the Christmas cards? We've received about a dozen so far, and here we are with a week to go before Christmas. Ordinarily at this point we have about 50 or 60, with between 5 and 8 each day in the mailbox. Not this time! I know the economy is bad, but...

I have three more packages to post, and I will try to get those out this morning. We're all being told that this is the last day to mail to assure Christmas delivery. Ach! Mom, one of them is to you all!

We have company coming for dinner tonight--it's our pastoral care core group, of which Ken is a member, and he invited them to meet at the house. Well heck, if they're coming here for an evening meeting they may as well eat! Curried chicken stir fry with coconut milk and peanuts (it's yummy), and I'm still trying to figure out what to do for dessert. I had been thinking about meringue nests with fruit--one of the group is trying to avoid gluten . I have a mental image of the ones Mom used to make and it keeps calling to me.
Better dash--there's lots to get done today and the day isn't getting any younger. Hope yours is stellar!


Jayne said...

Well, I got mine out, but sans family photo, which I always try to enclose. Time just got away from me this year! Dinner sounds yummy... what time should I be there? ;c)

:Jayne said...

Yes, Where are the Christmas cards? I agree, we haven't received many this year either!


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