Friday, December 26, 2008

puppy update

Finally, some puppy pictures! Three weeks and a day today.

The top photo is of the pups in their most typical pose: asleep! They feast, they pee and poop, they recover from the combined effort. Rinse (do not miss this step!) and repeat. Mom isn't around to take care of this essential step Are they not the cutest?
I have finally allotted names to them for functional purposes--these are not names I would attach permanently to any of them. Top left is Flora--she has the markings of what looks a bit like a fleur de lis on her forehead, hense the name. Spooning with her is Goldie (self-explanatory). In the relatively jumbled and indistinguishable mass of the rest of them we have Blackie (almost no markings on her face whatsoever), Wee One (the smallest), or Little Bit, and finally, Big Boy (the only boy of the lot).
In the second picture Flora is taking nourishment. Gulps, and gulps of nourishment.
And in the final photo Wee One rests her head while her lips nuzzle my thumb.
We know the mom is a Golden Retriever. Junior thinks the father is Rottweiler, given coloring and head shape. He may be right. If so, these will be large, sturdy dogs!
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Jayne said...

Makes me tired just seeing them! What a lovely gesture to foster these little ones until they are big enough to find homes.


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