Tuesday, December 09, 2008

just missed those 15 seconds of fame

Imagine this: a few days ago there was a photocopied note attached to our mailbox saying, "Dear Homeowner: on Tuesday [that would be today] we will be filming part of a new music video for Keith Urban in and around your town. One of the locations we are trying to secure is the exterior of ... a "60's" style ranch house..."

Well I wasted no time getting on the phone and calling the necessary number to say, "sure, use our house!" Not taking any chances I also emailed a response to the email address on the note. Well, the phone didn't ring and the only mail in my inbox has been a plethora of holiday specials boasting free shipping. Okay, I thought, at least it's entirely likely that they will be filming somewhere in the neighborhood. Come Tuesday I'll just stroll around the neighborhood and watch the filming.

Late yesterday afternoon I arrived home and noticed a very bright light at the end of the street, and silhouettes of bodies moving about. It was dark, and hard to make out what was going on. I went to get the mail and it suddenly dawned on me what was happening. The video shoot! Mail in hand I boogied up the street and chatted with the location manager. Turns out they juggled the shoot schedule, and Keith wasn't even there. Today they'll be shooting in another location (about an hour away) with Keith and the band in a barn. Oh well.

But there's hope for future fame and glory. The location manager commented with awe, "this is such a quiet neighborhood!" You betcha.


:Jayne said...

How cool is that! I wish you would have gotten to see Keith.

pbj said...


Jayne said...

LOL! The girl that does my hair is gaga over him and has seen him a blue million times in concert. She said she used to like Nicole Kidman until "she married my boyfriend!" :c) Sorry your perfect rancher was not the one and that you didn't get to gaze into those eyes.... Tee hee hee!

:Jayne said...

Hey! thanks for the LL Bean tip! That's who I ended up going with. Now I hope it gets here by Friday!

Jules said...

How neat! And how close to fame and glory, right?

check out my blog, darlin'; I have an award for your blog for its inspiration!


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