Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I confess

We're approaching Christmas differently this year. Our own financial challenges mirror those of the economy, so our gift-giving this season will be considerably reduced. A handful of small gifts that I couldn't resist will wend their way to recipients later this week (or so I intend), but there won't be additional purchases. What funds we have will be directed to a charity to benefit those in circumstances more dire than our own. It is a decision with which I am more than happy.

But still. I really enjoy giving gifts to people I love, and I miss that quest this season. There are some wonderful gift stores in town, and other ideas pop into my head about things to do or create. I've been eyeing the box of Christmas wrapping paper with longing, and as I look at the bare space beneath our Christmas tree I wonder how it will look with just a handful of gifts below. The picture above is from two years ago, when the kids were here and we enjoyed an abundance of giving. (It was our first married Christmas, and the mom in me was a little out of control.)

It will all be fine. As I suggested to my congregation on Sunday, the season isn't about clinging to traditions. It's about reaching into the light within to carry us toward the light without. Along the way we are to share that light with others, and in the process discover that whatever darkness hovers around us, it lacks the power to conquer.

Today, Christmas music on the stereo and decorating the house will be the balm for my soul. That, and dipping into the light.
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Jayne said...

I know... it's hard, it is. But, I am trying also to focus on what matters most. I don't love Christmas because of the gifts, and maybe taking the focus off those can help me invite more light in as well. Love and hugs to you friend!

Kip said...

love the sentiment Anne and YOU!

madcow said...

keep meaning to post here and say 'I KNOW!'
My Christmas giving is similar but slightly different - this year it's about sustainability & being ecofriendly. Trying to buy from ethical firms, goods made from recycled resources etc. As the "pinch" is being felt here too it's kind of fun finding useful gifts. Jools & her family have all planted vege gardens so Worm Farms are the popular gift this year. Nothing says Christmas like getting a punnet of worms in the mail!! LOL
Love you!


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