Friday, December 05, 2008


It's good news, at least at the moment. The cardiologist doesn't think the chest pain is related to the heart, but is probably gastric. A prescription for an antacid product and a referral to the butts and guts doc down the hall was the result of our visit, and we were on our way. Ken is relieved and feeling vindicated--he's been pointing to stress all along as the culprit behind his distress. I think most of you reading this are thinking what I've been saying to him all along (in respectable intervals, of course, so as not to sound like a nag): perhaps it's time to do something about how he handles stress. By the way, I am also relieved.

Now we are dealing with medication side effects and a husband at home. A lot. Sigh with me. Two days ago I was holding Ken's hand at his bedside in the ER and fighting back tears, and this morning I'd be quite happy to have him out and about! I don't mind having him home, I'd just like him to recognize that I have a life, too, and things that I need to accomplish when I am home. I guess the bright side is that we might finally get the tree decorated today, and the boxes of Christmas "stuff" will finally get moved from the living room.

On another note: yesterday I took part in an "alternative Christmas market" at the local high school. Sponsored by the student honor society this gathering was intended to help home-based, direct sell businesses like mine. It was open to teachers in the county and a handful of others, and considering the small target audience I did pretty well: took several orders and booked two shows, with a potential third. That's better than most booth opportunities that come along, so I'm a happy camper.

Now it's time to consider how to make the best use of my day. I guess writing my "annual report" for Sunday's annual meeting should be on the list, along with a topic for that morning's adult forum. Ideas for the latter? Have a joyful day!


madcow said...

Glad to hear that things are a little more hopeful on the health front. Those Christmas pies will do it every time!!
As for a topic ... Martin reminded me the other day about the importance of laughter. One of his colleagues had commented her NY resolution was to have more fun because she was suddenly aware of how often he laughed & she didn't. In the bleakest of times there is a lot to be said for not taking ourselves too seriously and with hard times ahead of us, it's sometimes not that easy to remember.
Love You Always!

madcow said...

Ooops, I finished too soon! LOL What I meant to add was ...
during a particularly difficult morning yesterday & with a particularly ghastly client I thought about what he said ... said something frivilous and the situation turned on it's head. Mind you the client was still ghastly but he did at least look surprised and laughed. I'm sure whoever our particular gods may be, would rather hear a chorus of giggles than a dirge of a hymn! (I'm catholic, I can say that! Have your "heard" our hymns?? LOL)

Jayne said...

Gastric we can handle! YAY! But, it's good still, with everything that has been happening, he listened to the pain and went to get it checked out! Maybe a little Prilosec is in order? :c)


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