Saturday, December 20, 2008


The other day I stopped in at my local boarding kennel and dog rescue facility to see what sort of rascals might be there for adoption. I am really missing Dooley, and though another dog won't replace him, they will begin to grow into that empty space in my heart and offer me another furry face to love.

Nancy, the owner and patron saint of rescued animals (in my opinion), was overwhelmed by a number of things, among them a litter of ten puppies that were two weeks old and suddenly orphaned. The owners of these pups didn't know how to, and wasn't up to the care necessary at this age to keep these puppies alive. Nancy had five of them and the the other five were being fostered, but only until this weekend.

"I'll take them," I found myself saying. I came home and told Ken that it would be the best Christmas present he could give me if he would consent to me bringing them home for a while to foster. "Sure!" he said. Merry Christmas!

They are too young to be utterly adorable, with squished in noses, closed eyes (that are starting to open) and closed ears. Oh, and sharp little toenails! But they are adorable nonetheless. The mom is a Golden Retriever, and dad is anyone's guess at this point. There are four black and one golden, and I am working on names.

Pictures later. When they're asleep they are all cuddled together for warmth, and when they're being fed, well, my hands are a little full to act as photographer. So in the next few days when I'm not finishing up Christmas activity I'm feeding puppies and teaching them how to pee and poop! Thank you, K-Mart, for cheap towels.


Maria said...

Wow Anne! You really have a kind soul, or are out of your mind! LOL! Less than a week before Christmas...I'm in awe! Thank God for people like you. Enjoy your time with the pups and I can't wait for pictures!

Jayne said...

Methinks that maybe one of those will end up being a Fraley pup? :c) Have fun!

karen said...

Bless your heart, Anne!!!!! What a wonderful, giving thing to do!!! A lot of work though. What do the other two Fraley dogs think of these puppies??!!!
Looking for pictures soon!


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