Thursday, December 11, 2008

one last word on the 12 days

I'm afraid my post yesterday came across as critical of anyone who didn't celebrate Christmas during the 12 days. That was not my intent, and that is not how I feel. I am truly sorry if anyone felt that I was being disapproving. Not true! Hell, our tree is up, I've got music on, the house is decorated, and I shop all year long when I can manage to. Furthermore my creche is breaking all the rules. Not only is Jesus already there but so are the Magi! (Of course, Jesus is permanently attached to Mary, so it's a little hard for her to be there waiting for his arrival.)

My complaint about the 12 days is that the reference to them is misused. It is yet another occasion when a symbol is appropriated out of its original context, and its original meaning is either distorted or lost all together. And in some cases (and I'm not referring to the 12 days here) a new meaning becomes attached to the symbol that takes on a life greater than even the original symbol carried. At times the original source of an icon's value is acused of being a fake (wish I could think of an example at the moment, but I'm in a hurry--still have to to the hair, face, and get dressed thing before getting over to the office in the next 30 minutes).

A wise man once told me that as a priest if I was going to break the rules, at least know that I was doing so (like with the creche--I know how it is supposed to be set up, and maybe next year I'll do something about that). His point was that making decisions and choices out of ignorance was not acceptable. This applies to all facets of life, but the object lesson for me took place in a professional context. Being informed is critical not only to making good decisions, but also because when we are informed we help maintain the framework of common understanding.

Okay, this post is getting into deeper stuff than I ever intended, and I'm afraid I can't wrap this up neatly at the moment. I just wanted to clear the air and try to right what I felt had been a wrong. And now I'm afraid I need to excuse myself because I have an urgent date with the blow-dryer.

Have a great one!


Jayne said...

I didn't think your post was critical at all my friend. I understood your point completely. :c) Heck, the truth of the matter is that there are people out there who forget Jesus factors in the month of December at! The secularness (is that even a word?) does tend to overshadow things at times with the focus all the commercialism.

madcow said...

Oh I didn't think it was critical either. I rely on you to tell me all the reasons "why" "when" etc. Afterall, how else would I do so well at trivia evenings etc without you?? LOL
Too it's time we all sat back & re-evaluated the season and what we have done to it.

sunny said...

I learned from your post! I really like the direction that your blog has taken of late. I think you're a good writer, and I like your range of topics.



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