Friday, May 29, 2009

friday five: the big "to do"

Kathryn at Revgals writes:
It seems like every year I enter into the summer with a growing list of HUGE projects/events/trips that seem to have a permanent place on the 'to do' list.This year I have a huge move pending so that takes up an entire list all on its own, but it doesn't take a big event like that for me to make plans bigger than my summer can hold!How about you?

Is this the third summer in a row you have made a pledge involving your garage and actually getting a car into it?
Did you once again miss the registration deadline for the continuing education event of your dreams ?
Are you starting to think you couldn't even find the tents, let alone get it together to pull off a camping trip?

Here is your chance to get it out into the open and OWN your Big To-Do! Who knows? Maybe making the list will help you move the Big To-Do to the Big Ta-Da!

1) What home fix-it project is on your Big To-Do?
You name it! Only moments ago as my husband and I pulled into the driveway returning from Dunkin Donuts he remarked, "we need to paint the house." We've been debating this for a while. The house is a dark brown brick, a sort of veneer over pale yellow that seems to crumble much too easily. The challenge will be, what color to paint? The shutters also need to be replaced, soffits repaired from water damage, railing and stairs put on the deck, shed needs to be painted... and that's just outside. Indoors we plan to paint the living room, and would love to get rid of the nasty carpet and replace it with hardwood flooring. It was filthy to begin with when we moved in, and three dogs, and now a puppy being housebroken have added to the horror. For visual relief I am including pictures of one of my projects from last year, painting the adirondack chairs! (before and after for your viewing pleasure)

2) What event (fun or work) is on your Big To-Do?
To tell you the truth, there aren't any events on tap for the summer. We take our vacation in the spring and fall to Melrose, and summer we are usually just at home hanging about.

3) What trip is on your Big To-Do?
See number 2! Although I might try to get to St. Louis for a few days (where I lived for four years) to visit friends there.

4) What do you wish was on someone ELSE's (partner, family member, celebrity, etc...) Big To-Do?
When it comes to home improvement my husband takes care of that without issue. It's his profession, so we save a lot of money when he does the work. And, since he has recently closed his business and is now unemployed he has plenty of time to get to some of our projects! On my son's to-do list is popping the question to his girlfriend. I'm privvy to how he plans to do it, and she needs to get something scheduled in order for it to happen!

5) Getting inspired? What may end this summer having moved from the Big To-Do to the Big Ta-da?
On my perpetual "to do" is getting my office ship-shape. I have inspiration, just lack the funds to purchase the necessary equipment to make it happen. Maybe, just maybe we'll find a way to make that the big "Ta Da" this summer. Crossing fingers, toes, and everything else!


Kathrynzj said...

Paint, paint and more paint - appears to be a theme.
Love how you transformed the Adirondack chairs last year.

Thanks for playing!

Purple said...

Hope your trip to St. Louis gets the green flag.

Jayne said...

Just look at those chairs! Bravo! Paint covers a myriad of to-do's. It's always amazing how a fresh coat changes the look of everything. :c)

Barbara B. said...

Those chairs look great!!!


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