Monday, May 11, 2009

puppy love

Rigel is camera-shy. I think he has begun to channel Brenna, my beloved Border Collie who died four years ago (has it been that long?) and had a strong aversion to the camera. The sound of the camera focusing or the popping open of the flash apperatus sends Rigel running.

When McKinlee began to cuddle with Rigel after their play episodes I wanted desperately to capture the coziness. Not so! Rigel would hear the camera and beat a retreat, spoiling not only the pose but my intentions as well. When they fell into this pose the other night I took the camera into the other room, forced the flash open and moved the lens setting to manual focus. I returned to the living room and got in position. Low light. Not good. Poor eyesight. Another check in the debit column. I tried as best I could and snapped. I hear the delay of the shutter and knew I was in trouble with a longer than desired exposure.

This is the result. I'll take it. It captured the moment and makes me smile, and however imperfect the image I now have it.

Now to devise a way to help Rigel overcome his camera phobia.
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Jayne said...

OH, I think that photo is quite perfect!! :c)

Barbara B. said...

It's a cool shot! I like the lighting actually. said...

I agree with Barbara AND Jayne: great lighting, perfect photo. Love the forehead to forehead intimacy of it.

Jules said...

Happy Birthday dear Anne! Love you dearly!

Kip said...

I love that photo!!!


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