Sunday, May 24, 2009

the next generation

This picture is of a group of friends about to head to their senior prom. Notice anything missing? Like, guys, for instance? Yes, there were guys at the prom, but the dates of these young women are each other. Yes, that's right. The girls went with each other to the prom instead of going with male dates.

They made this decision last summer. Noting that some among them were not part of a couple, and recognizing that coupling was a changeable thing among their peer group, they made the bold determination to attend their prom dateless. For some of them this was less of a hardship than for others. Some would meet their boyfriends at the prom and laugh and dance the night away. Others had beaux that weren't members of this school's senior class, and they would not see their sweeties. But the statement was made: sisterhood is powerful. It gives me hope for the future of our land that such wisdom is in evidence among our youth. You go, girls!

The other evening I had dinner with a young couple who will marry next weekend. I have known the bride, a member of my church, for close to ten years. The groom I had only met in passing when he visited our church with his honey. The wedding will be at his church, and as a guest co-officiant I have not had the kind of contact with the couple that I would have under other circumstances. I wanted to know something of the young man whose marriage I would have a hand in solemnifying.

I don't know where he came by his maturity and wisdom, but this young man is every mother's dream of the kind of guy she wants her daughter to marry. He is level-headed, gracious, sensitive, patient, compassionate, selfless and bright. He's 26 going on 50. I asked the bride to describe him in one word and she chose genuine. It fits.

In a short span of days I witnessed the reality that the generation that will grow into leaders at a critical time for our world is populated with bright, thoughtful individuals who have demonstrated that life is about more than them. How we treat other people matters to them, and the recognition that our behavior has an impact on others is made manifest in their decisions. Yes, there will be idiots among their peers as well, but these young people are banner bearers of hope. I wish them well in the lives they are beginning to carve out as adults. In their hands I can sleep a little better at night.
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Gannet Girl said...

The young women are wonderful, aren't they?

My dd and her girlfriends went to junior prom and to most of their college formals together. They had wonderful times and plenty of young men to dance with, but were not the least bit constrained by the concept of "needing a date."

Jayne said...

Well, how wonderful is that? I hope they keep these sisterhood bonds they've forged for years to come.

Pam in Moncton said...

I agree. There are so many wonderful young people - talented, thoughtful and caring.
Pam said...

Oh, YES! My daughter and her friends did that for homecoming... and because it was the year Katrina destroyed New Orleans and the dance theme had already been set to be about New Orleans, they stitched garbage bags into very trendy little black dresses in an expression of solidarity, gave what they would have spent on dresses to the Katrina fund, and danced the night away...

I so agree: this is a terrific generation!


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