Thursday, May 21, 2009

let your voice be heard!

Meet Rigel (pronounced like Nigel), our German short-haired pointer . He's really Ken's dog, but since I'm his Mama I get to claim him, too. And I really do love him. I do! Approaching two years of age he is still a big puppy, and I suspect he will be until the end of his days. He likes to nibble on your ears, is that not cute? And he loves to put anything in his mouth that will flop around, like underwear, or make noise, like an empty water bottle. These examples come from real life. Snap, crackle, pop, that's Rigel. Isn't he a handsome guy?

He's named for the brightest star in the constellation of Orion, and the sixth brightest star in the sky, in case you wondered. Orion is the hunter. See the solid white blotch on his forehead in the midst of the ticking? It looks starish, and since he's a hunting dog, well, it sort of worked. It took three days for that name to emerge, but once it did, it was golden, like the star God planted on his forehead. Rigel is also arabic for "left foot," its location in the constellation.

Anyway, I have a plan up my sleeve to do something for Ken's birthday and I can't decide which of these photos to use to execute my plan. They are really two photos, but cropped differently. He's a hard dog to photograph since he detests the camera and is probably ADD. The guy can't stay still for a moment unless he's sleeping or phasing into slumber. These two are the best of a bunch I shot the other day. I'd prefer that the shock collar not be so dominant, but what can I say. An expert (or even novice) in photoshop I am not!

I'd love your input on which view to use for my little project. You can "vote" in the comment section, or when I am able to place the "poll" on the sidebar you can make your opinion count there. The poll will stay open for another week or so, and then I will need to act on my plan. If you really feel strongly you can vote more than once!

One of these days I'll also post some pictures of Juliet, who never seems to get equal blog time. She is such a good girl that there are rarely antics to report. I'd like to have a portrait done of her (of all the dogs, eventually) now that I have found a wonderful painter who does dog portraits (thanks, Diane!!). Dooley (I miss you BooBoo!) will get first honors.

So what'll it be? Choice A, B, C or D? Vote early and often--it's allowed here!

PS. Does anyone know how to teach a dog to wipe his paws? I just cleaned the carpets and now there are lovely pawprints from where "a certain dog," as he has come to be known when the wind isn't blowing in his favor, has played in the dirt. Anyone?

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karen said...

Anne, I am a fan of "B" I just like the shot...shows his regalness, I know not really a word, but you know what I mean!
He is very much like Zoe' in his stances..but then they are both German hunting dogs.
She will be 10 in August and is still very much a puppy....I was told she would calm down around age 2...hasn't happened yet.
If you figure out the paw wiping thing let me know, we keep a towel by the back door, and she knows the drill!!!!

Kip said...

I'd go with B I think as it's more full body and he does look regal!

Pam in Moncton said...

I like B as well. The only thing I can think of without actually catching the dog and wiping his feet is to have a large towel on the floor at the door that the dog uses and have the dog walk in on it. We do that a lot especially in the winter.

Jayne said...

"B" all the way! Can't wait to see what the "project" is. :c)

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of "c". I like the hunter look in his eye. I wonder if you couldn't make an interesting crop?

My parents have had German Wirehaired Pointers for about 35 years. Rigel is a nice looking shorthair!


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