Wednesday, May 06, 2009

just call me a foodie

I confess. I take pictures of food.

It's almost a compulsion, and on a regular basis last week I was grabbing my camera and saying, "wait!" to the hands that were either serving or about to dig into their meals. It didn't take long before my mother would beat me to the punch and inquire if I wanted to take a picture before my tell-tale dash for the camera.

I want you to know that I DID exercise restraint. I didn't photograph every meal or every plate, and even among the pictures I took the ones you see here are a sample. What? You're relieved? I won't take it personally.

What you see here:
Ken's Melrose McMuffin--poached egg (hey, we do things in style), swiss cheese, canadian bacon, tomato and dill pickle

The Meatloaf Sandwich--toasted rye bread, Mom's meatloaf, lettuce, tomato, pickle (he's consistent) and scallions

From the Governor's Cafe in Edgefield, South Carolina (a half-day trip)--your basic meat and three--creamed corn, turnip greens, mixed veg, grits, vegetable soup, rice and gravy, chicken and dumplins (with a twist on the dumplins--pastry in lattice across the top--VERY good!)

Jimmy's Low Country Boil, made for an early birthday celebration--corn on the cob, kielbasa, shrimp, new potatoes, onions and flavor to beat the band!
Trackside Grille in Kennesaw--fried chicken atop mashed potatoes with gravy, covered with cole slaw.
Pull up a chair, I'll set you a place...

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Jayne said...

Holy cow... I am salivating now! :c)

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