Friday, May 08, 2009

friday five: it's a bug's life

At Revgals Sophia writes:
As I was walking the beach today, I was surprised and delighted to find it swarming with ladybugs. .... This got me thinking about spiritual insect trivia:
---Did you know that medieval mystics and theologians esteemed the bee for its dedicated work and transformation of ordinary ingredients into sweetness?
---That Spider Woman is an important creator Goddess to many Native American tribes?
---Or that Francis of Assisi was reminded of Jesus not only by lambs being led to slaughter, but also by worms (think "I am a worm and no man" from the Psalms)-- so he picked them up and took them out of stomping-vulnerable spots?!

In that spirit, this week's Friday Five is a magical mystery tour through God's garden of creepy crawlies!

1. Ladybugs or ladybirds? Pillbugs or roly-polys? Jesus bugs or water skeeters? Any other interesting regional or familial name variations?
Ladybugs, roly-polys and water skeeters in this part of the world!

2. Stomp on spiders, carry them outside, or peacefully co-exist?
My mother may contradict me, but as far back as I can remember I have peacefully coexisted with spiders. They are, after all, a symbol of good fortune in Scotland!

3. Favorite insect?
I have never really considered this before this morning, but I would have to say anything that is transformed into a butterfly

4. Least favorite?
When I lived in a cabin in the woods crickets would find their way into the bathtub and onto the shower curtain. I eventually made my peace with them but it was a not a happy morning when I would push back the shower curtain to get out of the shower and have crickets jump on me. No. Not a good thing. (Addendum after reading other posts--how could I forget the mosquito?!?!?)

5. Got any good bug stories to share?
Not a bug story, but a cute "nature" story, told by one of my parishioners yesterday. She learned from watching Martha Stewart that braiding daffodil leaves when the blooms were past was an attractive way to tidy the fading greens. When her son and daughter-in-law stopped by shortly thereafter she pointed out her efforts to them, to which her son replied, "Mom always did want a girl."
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Jane said...

Thanks for your five I'm so glad there are more peaceable folk towards insects than I am. Have a good weekend. :-)

Barbara B. said...

However, I do like the SOUND of crickets... :)

Cute nature story!

Sophia said...

Gorgeous butterfly picture!

RevSis said...

I'm not so sure I could easily make peace with something that flew at me...especially getting out of the shower! I'm not much of a cricket fan...they tend to accumulate at our church and can leave quite a stench.

Great story - I'm trying to imagine what my boys would say if they discovered I had braided the daffodil leaves...

Jan said...

I never heard of braiding daffodil leaves, but then there are never any daffodils down this far south. I miss them. BTW, your link at RevGals doesn't work.

mompriest said...

Never heard of braiding daffodils...but a very cute story! I've always loved the sound of crickets...but jumping on me? not so much...

1-4 Grace said...

Great story and only Martha Stewart would be able to ocme up with braiding leaves. How funny, cute and odd at the same time.

revkjarla said...

oh yes, Cricket songs. I love crickets, too.

cool blog, by the way! thanks!

MaineCelt said...

Spiders as a symbol of good fortune in Scotland? Must be connected with the story of how one inspired the hero hiding in the cave...I think it was Robert the Bruce?

Crickets would be far more welcome in my shower than the flying ants that used to show up there every night, back when I lived in the Worst Apartment Ever.

Oh dear. On top of all my other outdoor tasks, I'm supposed to be braiding my daffodil leaves?

Thanks for a fun play!


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