Friday, July 31, 2009

friday update

We head out shortly for our weekend in Augusta to celebrate Junior and Trisha. A bonus is that we will also enjoy some time with our friends Jimmy and Barbara, two of my favorite people in the world! Before I go, however, I need to share some other news.

I had a call from Mom yesterday afternoon to let me know that she had been displaced from her apartment at the retirement community where she lives in Connecticut! A fire broke out in the roof of the natatorium (I'm never exactly sure how a pool qualifies as a natatorium, but that's a reflection for another time), which is one floor below and probably 100 feet down the hall from her apartment. The fire appears to have been well contained to the pool and fitness area, but there is considerable damage from water elsewhere. An atrium (see bottom picture) across the hall from the pool/fitness center entrance was completely destroyed by the collapse of the roof above it, as well as from water. Forty-six residents were evacuated to temporary quarters, Mom being one of them. Most of the apartments were not affected by the fire, but some suffered water damage, and of course the sprinkler system got engaged throughout this section of the complex. It will be several days, Mom said, before they are able to get into their apartments to see what damage, if any, is done. I cringe thinking about her lovely apartment (top picture) getting soaked, or suffering smoke damage. I worry especially about several paintings she has, two of which are portraits of ancestors.

Fortunately no one was hurt in this episode, and Mom says that the staff of Seabury (the retirement community, and for you astute observers, yes, it was built by the diocese!) was incredible in their assistance to the residents. The critical next phase of life, however, will be living through reconstruction. Access to the wing where Mom lives is by an elevator or stairs adjacent to the atrium. With the roof collapse I don't know how the residents, especially on her floor, will be able to live there during the rebuilding. We'll get details soon enough.

I suggested to Mom that this would be a great time for her to come for a visit! Alas, she reminded me that she is undergoing physical therapy because a week ago she had rotator cuff surgery! Depending on the damage report it may make more sense for us to make a visit there to help, but we'll see.

In any event, please keep Mom (Kiki) in your prayers through this time of upheaval and adjustment. She's a trooper, but it's still a trauma to the system to undergo something like this.

See you Monday!
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Kip said...

Hope her apt, is going to be untouched!! Have fun on your trip too.

Sophia said...


Jayne said...

Oh, my. I do hope everything is OK. Kiki, my thoughts and prayers are with you, and I hope the displacement is not for long. Just glad no one was hurt.

Mompriest said...

Oh my. Definitely a trauma. Certainly prayers.

karen said...

Sorry to hear about your thoughts and prayers are with Kiki...
Have a great weekend!!!!

Jules said...

Wow! Tell Kiki she is in my thoughts for a speedy recovery from the surgery and hoping her apt. is aok.

Janet M said...

Hope everything is fine with your mom , tell her I sned my best. The engagement sounds just fantastic, I loved reading about it.


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