Monday, July 03, 2006

good food, good company...

We joined some friends last night for dinner and had such a wonderful evening. Not wanting to go empty handed we made a potato casserole and corn and tomato salad to take along. I had also had a hankering lately for fried green tomatoes, so took the makings for that with us and prepared those once we got there. What a feast we had! Beverage of choice while we began to nibble on the fried tomatoes with cajun remoulade, shrimp, and a few raw veggies. Next, a dinner of pork tenderloin, oriental slaw, the potatoes and corn salad. Oh, were we stuffed! In addition to our gastronomic delights we shared lots of laughs and good conversation as well as enjoyed the company of the canine members of the household. Truffles, the brown poodle, is a new member of the family so that Brewster (that other irresistible face) might have some company while adults are at work! I was a little sluggish at the pool this morning, no doubt the effect of too much good food over the weekend. Monday through Friday isn't called a work week for nothing! Now to tend to wedding details and get back to the web site. No rest for this girl… Ta!

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Jules said...

Happy 4th. of July, my friend, to both you and Ken. Missing you, Jules


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