Saturday, July 29, 2006

a peaceable kingdom

Nothing like reading about religious intolerance first thing in the morning to wake me up, LOL. I was reading an article about a Jewish family in a predominantly Christian community who were having a tough time after they pointed out the highly exclusive religious rhetoric in the schools, and asked for a little sensitivity. I was appalled, but sadly, not surprised, that the mother of this family was told that if she didn't like it she could leave, and that was among the kindest things spoken. The family received threats, which is so extreme as to make us all nervous about the very real Christian fundamentalism that pervades our culture and society. But I absolutely had to laugh when the article made reference to other types of groups moving into the area and included Quakers in that mix. Yes, got to watch out for those rowdy Quakers who are among the most tolerant, and most Christ-like of believers that exist. What is the world coming to when they move into the neighborhood? Maybe this will inspire my sermon for tomorrow, although I'm not quite sure how, at first glance, Jesus walking on water (the text for the day) will connect. I'll think of something. (ah, it just came to me, there is something in there about hardness of heart...) Wishing you all a peaceful day of loving our neighbors, no matter what they believe.

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tiggerrules said...

It scares me when I read things like that. What scares me is that it seems like in the last few years I've seen such a reverse of the tolerance thing in the area of religion. All of a sudden "they" are tired of not being able to stand up for their beliefs. They will have the bible displayed in the courthouse, they will fight their school boards to teach creation only. And they don't care if it offends anyone in the process. Unfortunately, I think this is only the beginning of this train of thought and entitlement. Scary, scary, scary.


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