Wednesday, July 26, 2006

planning stages

We had two wedding appointments yesterday, and more and more things are falling in place. Met with the priest who will be officiating at the service so we were able to discuss some of those details, then stopped at the hotel where the reception will be held to touch base with them there. We're waiting to receive updated menu choices, but in reviewing the original ones we were given this spring we got very excited thinking about this special event for us. Finally got around to sending out some details via email, and got back a few responses immediately, which was nice. The biggest challenge is not knowing how many people to plan for, and trying to make decisions about what things will cost (like menu items) is definitely effected by a head count! But we're not letting that stand in the way of some decisions, OR our excitement. The day will be here soon, and we'll be ready!


jan said...

OK< I am definately out of the loop, I thought you were married alredy?? I could have sworn I had read that Jules mentioned that you were or that you had mentioned that you had a new last name?? So sorry!! I am really out of it!! Is that an old post the date is the 25th?
ANYWAY, I hope you and you, um, significant other (hehe) are great!! The house is terrific and your doggies are wonderful!! Thats why I'm janet from anothe rplanet!!

Ruth said...

Is that the church? It is beautiful. Just enjoy the process, glad to hear it has been an exciting day for you. Keep the honeymoon happiness going.

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