Saturday, July 01, 2006

learning curves

Sometimes desperation leads us to do things we would never imagine. I'm not talking about robbing a bank here, but learning technical things! I spent the day yesterday immersed in html coding tutorials, and I did actually learn a thing or two and, better yet, was able to apply it! There is still a lot to decipher, and there's the challenge of determining what I want to do so that I know the right questions to ask, so to speak, but inch by inch, I'm moving along. During the night I had what I hope will prove to be a brainstorm, as opposed to a brain malfunction, so part of today's efforts will be trying something out to see if it will work. I'm hoping to demonstrate that it is possible to teach an aging dog new tricks. Lord, help me!

For our viewing pleasure today, a pic of some flowers that Kathy had received during her illness. I’m trying to clean off my hard drive, so revisited some files yesterday, and these were among them. Here’s hoping that you all have a blooming day!

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