Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I've had this hankering latey for fried green tomatoes. You have to say that right. "Frahd greeen termaydahs." There, doesn't that make sense? Don't you want some too? I don't know what got into me, but a few weeks ago I just had to make some. Never made them before, didn't have a clue how, just had to fry them suckers up. So when we went to dinner at some friends' house a few weeks ago I took the fixings (read that, "fixin's) and fried up a batch. Not bad. But tonight... oooh, aaah, they were much improved! It's as much about the seasoning as it is in having them crispy, I think, but I struck gold tonight, if I say so myself. Wish I could share the picture of the rest of the meal, which was delightful as well (but not in focus, for some odd reason): grilled pork chops, grilled corn on the cob (mine had parmesan, as well), the 'maters and some sliced red tomatoes (for color, donchaknow). All that work on the web site works up a girl's appetite, ya know?


samtzmom said...

It's official... you may not have been one of us G.R.I.T.S. (girls raised in the South), but you are officially grandfathered in with this culinary accomplishment!!! Yummy!! Wish a virtual fork would do some damage!

Kip said...

Man, those look good!!! Give up the recipe now Anne!


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