Wednesday, July 05, 2006

sharing a zip code with the redneck woman

Actually, I suspect country music horizon award winner Gretchen Wilson has her mail go to a post office box, which would be a one digit difference between our zip codes, but let’s just say that our mail comes through the same place, LOL! A little birdie (someone I know in the country music industry) told me that Gretchen was living right here in Cedar City, so I took a tour down her street and, sure enough, there was her place (the gate was the giveaway). I wonder if she bought this place because it’s near the outlet mall? As the crow flies she’s probably about seven miles from my house, about equidistant from the red-headed woman (aka Reba McEntire) whose Nashville house is in the opposite direction. Reba’s house isn’t a well-kept secret—her property borders a state highway and major river, so it’s hard to miss, as are her stables.

And, now that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are calling middle Tennessee home, you just never know when they might choose to pop into the local Starbucks, or one of Nicole’s favorite places, Bed, Bath and Beyond! I never seem to run into local celebrities, but it’s fun to know that the possibility exists. Rumor has it more and more of them are locating in my county, so you just never know!

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Jules said...

Wow...and there you are nestled among the rich and famous...don't they need artful cards? Miss you and will try to check in from K's house.


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