Tuesday, July 25, 2006

slow day at the ranch

One problem with working at home (the only one, I think!) is that from one day to the next things look pretty much the same. I'm not out encountering the world or being prompted to reflect or muse on anything except whatever goes on within our walls, and frankly, we aren't very amusing, LOL! I don't think web work makes for very interesting reading, and since most of my time is spent on that effort, there seems very little to say. Sigh. It's a constant struggle for me to want to be in touch but make your time worth the effort to come here! I DO wish I would remember to take a camera with me when I venture out, even if only to the pool. The other morning there was a deer snacking on an apple as cars pulled up to the stop sign 20 feet from where she munched. She could have cared less about the audience, she was enjoying her fruit! But did I have my camera to capture the moment? That would be a big NO. Oh well.

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Kip said...

You know, I take my camera every single place I go, even the grocery store! It's unreal the things you see that you want to have a picture of now that I scrapbook (or pretend to scrapbook, lol)!! So put that camera in that purse kiddo!



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